How to create a professional image & get your brand noticed with the right decoration!

Uniforms are the simplest, yet most effective, way to ensure that the individuals within a business, school, or organisation are easily identifiable, look professional, and can perform their role safely. A uniform is also the best way to create a professional, cohesive image for your business or brand, and make it recognisable to your target market and the wider public.

Often workwear and corporate workwear uniforms will feature a business, school, or organisation’s name and/or logo, which instantly identifies the wearer as belonging to that business or group. This product branding can also elevate what would otherwise be a plain, unremarkable piece of clothing to an invaluable, eye-catching, professional marketing and promotional tool. Branded clothing, corporate workwear, and other workwear uniforms can assist in building a professional, consistent perception of your brand in the minds of your clients, as well as facilitating greater brand recognition out in the community.

For these reasons, branded clothing, business wear, and uniforms are essential to any business, brand or event that wants to be successful, leave a positive and lasting impression on people, and achieve maximum exposure.

What is branded clothing?

Branded clothing, apparel, workwear, and business wear encompasses a wide variety of clothing styles and includes:

Branded clothing is suitable for all types of workplaces, job roles, industries, and businesses, and for people of all shapes, sizes, and requirements.

How to choose the best branded clothing for your business!

When choosing branded clothing, workwear, or business wear for your business, school, event, or sporting team, you must choose what is most appropriate for the environment it will be worn in and the purpose for which it will be worn, but also keep in mind what will best suit and promote your business and its message.

Key considerations to keep in mind when choosing new branded uniforms include:

  • The fit – ensure it is comfortable, fits correctly and can be worn safely
  • The fabric – ensure you choose a fabric that is suited to the climate it will be worn in and the jobs that will be performed
  • The size range – consider the needs of all staff /team members requiring branded uniforms so that what you choose works well for everyone
  • The colours – consider what will complement your brand logo, message, and image

Save time by checking out our most popular branded clothing styles below, or contact us directly if you have something particular in mind.


What branding should you put on your uniforms?

When organising new uniforms, workwear, business wear, or branded clothing for you and your staff it can be beneficial to include:

  • The business name
  • The business logo
  • The slogan
  • Any other trademarks

You can also add an individual’s name and/or position if it is relevant or important, or to help personalise your brand’s connection with its audience.

When designing a logo for branded clothing and uniforms keep it simple! A clean, clear design (especially when being embroidered) is essential so it will be easy to read, identify, understand, and remember.

What are the different ways to brand clothing?

We have an array of different branding or decoration methods we can offer to brand your clothing and promotional products. Visit our Decoration Services page for an overview of these options and how they work! When it comes to decorating business wear, workwear, and uniforms, however, our most popular branding methods are embroidery and screen printing.

For important tips on ensuring you get superior embroidery on your branded clothing, please click here.

For important tips on the benefits of screen printing when organising branded clothing, please click here.

Don’t forget! Choosing the right uniforms, branded clothing, or business wear for your business or event is essential to capturing your market and leaving a strong, professional, lasting image… but how you choose to brand your uniforms is just as important!

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