The Process

Thanks for considering us for your promotional needs! Below is a rough outline of the way that we operate, and the process by which most orders are produced.

At any stage if you require assistance please contact us – we’d love to help!

1. What do you need? [Catalogues…]

First, we need to work out what you require. Initial considerations must include finding products which suit your promotion type and which would be appropriate for your target audience. Are you organising promo gear for a sporting event? If so, you may like to consider water bottles, towels, pedometers, cool dry t-shirts and other products which have relevance and practical application for the participants. If your event has more of a corporate focus, you may like to contemplate items such as compendiums, desk products, stationery, mugs and comparable products which are suitable for an office environment.

If you would like assistance compiling ideas, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you with some recommendations.

A great place to start compiling your ideas is to have a browse through our website (keeping in mind we only have a selection of more popular products featured and there are many more options available!), also please visit our links page to peruse the online catalogues or alternatively, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a number of catalogues for you to browse the range of products available.

2. Pricing? [Request a quote.]

Once you have found some items you are interested in, please contact us to request a quote. Please include details such as the items or type of products you are interested in, the quantity you require, and the type of decoration necessary (i.e. does your logo contain one, two or three or more colours? Do you want the item printed in multiple positions?).

If you are unsure please call us to discuss and we can guide you as to which decoration would work best, as well as which quantities will be most economical for you.

3. What will the order look like? [Art references.]

When you have decided on an item and are satisfied it suits your budget and purpose, the next step is for us to prepare an art reference for your approval.

An art reference is a digital mock up which explains important information such as quantity, price, and decoration placement/colours/details for your order. This is to clarify details of the order to ensure the final product will be the item you envisioned.

4. How do I proceed with an order? [Approval – Signed art reference.]

To approve the order, please sign and fax/scan to us the art reference. We must have a signed copy of this for our records prior to proceeding with the order. Once we have received the signed proof, we consider this as confirmation of your order, and we will proceed with ordering stock and scheduling the order into production. Changes at this stage usually cannot be made to the order, however if you have concerns please contact us as soon as possible.

5. Production

Once the order has been approved by receival of the signed art reference, we will produce your order. This usually includes decoration of blank stock with your logo/design.

We generally operate at a production time-frame of approximately 2/3 weeks for local orders (orders which are decorated locally, in Australia); however this is subject to the item being produced. Some products for example, ceramic mugs, or orders of considerable size may have a slightly longer production time – please ask us before placing an order. During some periods of the year, production may be shorter or slightly longer than originally specified due to demand, however we will ensure we clarify this with you at the time the order is placed to certify the order is complete for your required date.

6. Payment and Delivery [Order complete!]

Once the order is complete we’ll contact you. You can elect to pick the order up yourself or have it couriered to your chosen address (please note couriers will not deliver to PO boxes). Freight is additional and will depend on the size of your order, to be quoted on a order by order basis.

Payment options include via Credit Card, Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) online. If you wish to pay by Credit Card, we have a document which will need to be filled out and returned (via fax, email, mail or in person). Alternatively, our EFT banking details are on the invoice if you prefer to pay through this method. Please note, we value your business and confidence in us, therefore we do not sell, share or make any of your personal information available to unauthorised third parties.

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