How to promote your school & its values effectively with branded products & clothing!

Most schools are well-stocked with traditional branded promotional products like pens, notepads, and letterheads, however, there are so many other valuable product promotions that can be used to promote your school and its message, and to reinforce its positive image within the community! To rely on branded stationery alone is to overlook the huge promotional potential of other branded products that your school could be using to its advantage. Promotional products, branded with the school logo or customised in the school colours, can help to promote your school as well as build school spirit from within!

What school events or departments are promotional products and branded clothing suitable for?

There are tens of thousands of promotional products and branded clothing options available, designed to suit all budgets, ages, events, and requirements. We have branded products and clothing suitable for:

  • School Open Days
  • School Visitor Gifts & Merchandise
  • School Fairs
  • Awards Nights
  • Graduation Ceremonies/Gifts
  • End of Year Ceremonies/ Gifts
  • Exam Period Encouragement Rewards
  • School Camps
  • Specialised School Departments e.g. Hospitality & Physical Education
  • School Sporting Teams
  • School Clubs
  • Senior Shirts
  • Everyday Business/Operations
  • After-School Care Operations

What types of promotional products and branded clothing work best for a school?

Some of the most popular branded promotional products and clothing for schools include:

School Uniforms
It may seem obvious, but the role that uniforms play in promoting a school’s image should never be underestimated. Many people are quick to make judgements on a school based solely on the appearance of their uniforms. For this reason—and because school uniforms are on public display every day—it’s important that they give the best possible impression of your school. From shirts and blouses to shorts, dresses and skirts, blazers, jumpers, sports uniforms, socks, hats, ties, and bags, we love to design and produce high quality custom garments for schools.

Whether you need branded stationery for use in the office and by staff daily, such as pens, notepads, sticky notes, rulers, diaries, and envelopes, or as giveaways and gifts, such as mouse mats, pencil cases, activity sets, and highlighters, the options are endless!

Novelty Products & Confectionery
Unlike event-based items such as marquees, promotional magnets and stickers give your school a simple way to achieve everyday exposure. As they are seen regularly, a popular design choice is to brand them with a calendar of important dates and school holidays, which adds a functional quality to the product. Novelty items like these, along with branded chocolates, mints, and lollies, are low cost and always useful!

Custom branded drink bottles and bottled water are another practical promotional product that can double as a marketing tool designed for everyday use within the school grounds, or as a giveaway tied to a specific occasion. They often have a large decoration area available as well, meaning more opportunity to include a logo, slogan, and contact details, and for the school to be recognised out in the community.

Banners & Signage
Pull-up banners and teardrop flags are a fantastic, highly visible way to promote your school. They are great value and provide the perfect canvas for almost any design. The large print area is great for displaying photographs, text, graphics, and of course your school’s name and logo. They are not only attractive but also extremely portable. A custom marquee is an unmissable and useful advertisement for schools. Promotional marquees have the substantial benefit of being multi-functional – any need for shade or shelter presents another opportunity to promote your school. Our marquees are fully customisable with optional accessories and are hard to miss!

Don’t miss out on the chance to promote your school in the best way possible. Choose your promotional products and uniforms carefully to reflect your school’s values and help build, not only a strong reputation, but school spirit!