A guide to ensuring you choose the perfect branded pens for your business!

Promotional pens are the original, classic, ever popular, and always useful promotional product and are an invaluable marketing and product promotion tool. Their value lies in the fact that they are universally appealing, highly practical, often used, and offer maximum exposure for a brand and its message. They are also relatively inexpensive, making them the ultimate branded promotional product.

Depending on your budget, branding goals, and intended market, branded pens (along with other writing instruments) can be used as:

  • Day-to-day office/business stationery within your organisation
  • Customer loyalty rewards or gifts
  • Staff loyalty/service/achievement awards
  • Giveaways at tradeshows and other events
  • Sample bag products

A promotional pen is a versatile, low-cost, yet highly sought-after product promotion!

What types of promotional pens and other writing instruments are there?

When it comes to selecting the perfect branded custom pen or writing tool for your promotional and marketing purposes, there are many different styles available to suit all budgets, brands, and target markets. These include:

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What should you consider when choosing a promotional pen?

When choosing a branded promotional pen or customised pen for your business or event, you not only want one that suits your budget. You want to make sure you pick a pen that is on-brand and reflects your brand image, as well as being something people want to keep and use.

Some of the things to keep in mind when selecting a customised pen are:

  • Pen Body Colour - for example, a bright or fluoro coloured pen is useful for mechanics, truck drivers, or anyone on the move a lot, as the colour can prevent the pen from being lost. A natural-coloured pen offers a rustic, high quality, unique look that may suit the branding message of a company that is focused on being environmentally-friendly. A stainless steel or metal pen projects a sophisticated, simple image, whereas a brighter coloured pen suggests a business or brand that is more energetic and fun.
  • Pen Body Material - The pen body material can determine the perceived quality and environmental message of the business using it as a promotional tool. Plastic pens are a cost-effective option suitable for everyday use, whereas metal, stainless steel, or carbon fibre promotional pens have a perceived higher value and can be laser engraved, providing greater longevity of the promotional message. Eco-friendly pens made from bamboo or biodegradable plastic, can be useful in targeting people in sustainability-focused sectors.

  • Pen Tips –
    • Ballpoint pens use an oil-based ink, are more affordable compared with other options, have a better grip on the page, and are more durable. They are less prone to drying out and there is a wide range of different quality standards available, depending on the budget. Ballpoint pens are great for most standard work and business application
    • Felt tip pens include whiteboard markers and highlighters, which have the flexibility of different felt tip sizes and inks and can be used for many different applications. The tip, especially the finer tips, can be prone to damage from rougher surfaces like a cardboard box. Felt tip pens as a result, are designed for certain functions rather than general purpose. This can be used as an advantage for reaching certain markets at certain times, like those in the arts sector.
    • Rollerball pens are effectively a ballpoint pen with a water-based gel. The ink flows more freely providing a ‘wet ink’ effect, which some people prefer. The inks are prone to smudging and so are not well-suited to left-hand writers.
    • Fountain pens use a water-based ink that runs through the tip when applied to the paper. They are less popular now due to the efficiency and affordability of the ballpoint pen. Some people like to write with fountain pens to achieve the ‘wet ink’ effect that the rollerball pen also achieves. Fountain pens are commonly used as a high-end corporate gift for business executives or special events.
  • Pen Body Shape - Pen shape provides aesthetic value to a pen and is usually a personal preference. Slim body pens are better suited to small hands, whilst standard-sized pens are the preferred choice for most of the population. A wide body shape, usually accompanied by a comfort grip, is mostly preferred by people with larger hands.

  • Pen Grip - Pen grips provide more comfort and are especially useful for pen users who will be writing for an extended period. Grips can also add aesthetic value to a pen by incorporating a colour or design. A standard rubberised grip is a popular choice as the size suits the widest range of people. A comfort grip sometimes gives a pen a wide shape and is usually popular with people with larger hands.

  • Pen Action –
    • Push/Click-action pens are a great everyday pen. There is no lid that can be lost and the clicking function is quick and easy. Click pens can accidentally be clicked and so can run the risk of marking clothing. As a result, click pens are used in everyday situations but less so in formal occasions.
    • Twist-action pens, while easily twisted, cannot be accidentally twisted, and provide the added security from accidentally marking clothing. Twist pens are used in more formal settings and by professionals that need to take care of their clothing and appearance.
  • Pen Ink - The standard ink colour is usually black however certain pens are available in other ink colours such as blue or red.

How to customise a promotional pen to get the best product promotion for your brand!

A promotional pen is a customised pen that is branded with the purpose of promoting a brand, business, or organisation. The pen will contain custom features that remind people of the brand. This may be a logo, brand/business name, slogan, or even the colours of the brand. The primary benefits of branded promotional pens are their high-visibility, repeated use, and their ability to keep the brand or business fresh in the user’s mind.

When branding a custom pen try to keep the print simple but provide enough information so that the pen user can contact your business. If people will not recognise your logo, make sure you also include your business name. Providing basic contact details, such as a phone number or website, may not always be necessary if the target market has the internet readily accessible and the brand or business name can be searched easily to find your website.

If you need a promotional product that will effectively promote your business and is something people will want to keep and re-use, then a branded pen is a guaranteed winner!

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