Sublimation Print


Dye sublimation print is used for branding products that have a special coating on them, or fabrics suitable for the sublimation process. A transfer is produced by printing sublimation ink onto transfer paper and then heat pressing it onto the product.
  • Sublimation ink is a dye so there is no ink build-up. The finished print is embedded in the product.
  • Ideal for producing vivid full colour images as well as closely matched spot colour branding.
  • Variable data including individual names is available on select products.
  • Edge-to-edge branding can be achieved on some products.
  • Can only be used on suitable products with white surfaces.
  • Some colours cannot be reproduced including white, metallic, and neon/fluorescent colours.
  • Fine detail/text may experience minor colour bleed across adjacent design elements.


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