How to promote your brand in a more sustainable & environmentally responsible way!

Every business that wants to successfully capture their market, establish and build up their brand, and set themselves apart from the rest in their field, must have a strong and committed focus on branding. You need to decide who your business is and what your values and goals are, and then formulate a marketing plan to connect with your market and make your brand a recognisable name based on those values and goals. You don’t want to blend into an overcrowded marketplace. You want to elevate your business in a way that is consistent with your brand’s image and values, as well as find opportunities to set yourself apart by utilising promotional products and marketing tools that are unique but also more environmentally or socially responsible.

In recent years, both businesses and consumers have become increasingly conscious of the impact their choices have on the planet, and what they can do to be more environmentally friendly. This may be an important consideration for you and your business when organising your next product promotion or marketing campaign, and eco-friendly methods of advertising are becoming more and more popular. Every promotional product or branded corporate gift you send out into the world reflects back on your brand, and should communicate your brand’s identity. What better message is there to send with your chosen branded merchandise than one of sustainability and protecting the environment!

Re-imagine everyday branded products – with an eco-friendly twist!

When shopping for eco-friendly promotional products that can be customised to advertise your business, you may be surprised by how vast our eco-friendly branded products range is! You can still look for those classic and popular promotional merchandise items that are commonly used in daily life but keep it green by choosing the product that is manufactured from sustainable or recyclable materials and designed to be reused. This ensures that the promotional product you distribute has a higher perceived value and a better chance of being kept and re-used…and the more your products are used, the more your brand benefits from the repeated exposure!

Some of the most popular promotional products from our eco range are showcased on our website and include:

Just because a branded product is environmentally sustainable doesn’t mean it can’t still be a highly useful and well-received promotional product, and in fact, it is even more likely to be highly regarded and valued by your customers than a standard, disposable product!

Save time by checking out our eco range below, or contact us directly if you have something particular in mind.


What should you consider when choosing eco-friendly promotional products?

When trying to choose branded products to promote your business and support the environment at the same time, consider the following important points:

  • What makes the item sustainable?
    What is it made from? How has it been made? Is it plastic-free, recyclable, energy-efficient or designed to be re-used?

  • Who is your target audience?
    What do they need or want and how will your product be used to satisfy those needs?

  • Does the product suit your brand identity?

    Do the colours, branding, product materials etc reinforce who you are and what you do?

Keeping these points in mind will ensure you choose the perfect branded product promotion to advertise your business effectively while going green to help the planet!

I'm ready to go green!

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