Embroidered Work Shirts & Uniforms | The Value Of Uniform Branding

In many workplaces, schools and organisations, uniforms are mandatory. This ensures that each individual conforms to the same professional dress code at all times. Often work uniforms will feature a trademark name or logo which identifies the wearer as a member of a school, workplace or sporting team. This can assist in creating a professional perception of your business in the mind of your clients and also facilitates brand recognition in the wider community. For these reasons, uniforms are important for marketing purposes and for promoting your brand image.

Which colours and options are available?

As an example, office workers will usually wear formal business attire as they may meet with other workers, clients and businesses throughout the day, whilst personal trainers will normally wear a lightweight polo or t-shirt as they perform physical activities on a daily basis.

When choosing work wear for your business you must choose appropriate colours that relate to your existing company branding and industry. For instance, if your business is related to the environment, you may choose to use an appropriate green or blue colour. It is also important to choose colours that work well together. For example, you may choose to use different shades of the same colours (e.g. light blue and dark blue) or complimentary colours (such as blue and orange).

What should you put on your work uniforms?

When purchasing work wear for your staff it can be beneficial to include the business logo, name, slogan or other trademarks. When designing a logo for work uniforms it shouldn’t be overcomplicated. Ensure that the embroidery design is clean and simple so it is easy to read. Some of the most well known brands such as Nike, McDonalds and Apple have very simple and uncomplicated logos, proving that the power of your business logo should not be underestimated as it can reinforce your brand image without saying a word.

Techniques for adding logos to a work uniform

Logos can be added to a work uniform using the following techniques:

    1. Embroidery
    2. Embroidery Badges/Patches (sew or stick on)
    3. Screen Printing
    4. Vinyl Transfer


Preparation of logo before embroidering work uniforms

Prior to embroidering a logo onto a work uniform, our embroidery team perform what is known as digitalising. Digitalising is the first step in preparing a logo for being embroidered on a work uniform. This is where the embroidery design is created, along with the sewing instructions for the design. There is a once-off digitalising fee per design created (for orders under 100 units), which means that further orders of the same design do not incur this fee.

What embroidery thread colours should be chosen?

When choosing the colours for your embroidered logo it’s important to remember to keep it simple and clean. Using a lot of different colours within an embroidery logo may not necessarily present a good image. The colour of the logo shouldcomplement the colour of the uniform. Inspect the colour chart on our website to determine the right colours for your work uniforms and logos.

Where should the embroidered logo be positioned?

Business trademarks should be embroidered in a prominent position on the shirt or trousers so that it will be noticed. Business or school emblems, for instance, will usually be embroidered on the left or right breast of shirts or blazers. These logos may also be embroidered on shirt sleeves and pants (space permitting). When business logos are well positioned on work uniforms they can draw appropriate attention to the brand image.

The benefits of embroidered work uniforms

Embroidered work uniforms are simple and cost effective forms of business promotion. The embroidery process isrelatively quick, meaning that a number of uniforms (including shirts and pants) can be embroidered within days. Moreover, embroidery is a versatile method which can be used for adding business logos to all different types of work uniforms (such as pants, vests, trousers and hats) as well as other items (such as bags).

Professional Assistance

Hunter Promotional Products has a helpful and friendly team who can supply an embroidered work shirt for less than $50.00 a shirt. We can provide work uniforms made from various fabrics. Our team endeavours to provide the highest quality promotional products at a reasonable price.

Hunter Promotional Products have specialists who can ensure that you can access the right items for your brand and business. You can speak to the Hunter Promotional Products team on 1300 247 457.

Promotional Pens | The Guide To Selecting The Right Pen

Promotional pens are valuable because they are regularly used, which results in high exposure of the advertised message on the writing instrument. The better the pen is tailored to the target market, the more it will be used, resulting in a better return on investment.

Customizing a Pen for a Promotional Message

A promotional pen is a customised pen that is branded with the purpose of promoting a brand, business or organisation. The pen will contain custom features that remind people of the brand or business. This may be a logo, brand/business name, slogan or even the promotional colours. One of the benefits of this is that it primes a person that is using the pen and keeps the brand/business fresh in that person’s mind.

The main thing to consider is to keep the print simple but provide enough information so that the pen user can find your business. If people will not recognise your logo, make sure you also include your business name. Providing contact details, such as a phone number or website, may not always be necessary if the target market has the internet readily accessible and the brand/business name can be searched easily to find your website.

Available Print Area

When selecting a promotional pen, remember to check the available print area. Some pens have greater print area capability than others, and depending on the size of your business name and promotional message, this may be a very important factor.

Multiple print areas are also available on some pens, which enable a print on the clip and one or both sides of the barrel. Additionally, consider the print colour required – some pens enable full colour prints on the entire barrel of the pen, whereas other pens may only be suitable for printing one or two colour prints in a small print area.

Pen features

Some pen features are functional, where others deliver an aesthetic solution that suits personal preference. For example, someone with smaller hands will typically prefer a slim pen in contrast to someone with big hands (functionality). Whereas, a dimple grip and a standard grip deliver the same functionality therefore simply offer another choice in design (aesthetic).

Pen Tips

Ballpoint pens use an oil-based ink, are more affordable compared with other options, can have a better grip on the page which is useful when not at a desk, and are hardier compared with other pen tips. They are less prone to drying out and there is a wide range of different quality standards available, depending on the budget. Ballpoint pens are great for most standard work and business applications.

Felt tip pens, also known as marker pens, include whiteboard markers and highlighters which have the flexibility of different felt tip sizes and inks, and can be used for many different applications. The tip, especially the finer tips, can be prone to damage from rougher surfaces like a cardboard box. If the lid is lost the pen will also dry out. Felt tip pens as a result, are designed for certain functions rather than general purpose. This can be used as an advantage for reaching certain markets at certain times, like illustrators that use fine tip felt pens.

Rollerball pens are effectively a ballpoint pen with a water-based gel. The ink flows more freely providing a ‘wet ink’ effect, which some people prefer. The inks are prone to smudging and so are not well-suited to left-hand writers.

Fountain pens use a water-based ink that runs through the tip when applied to the paper. They are less popular now due to the efficiency and affordability of the ballpoint pen. Some people like to write with fountain pens to achieve the ‘wet ink’ effect that the rollerball pen also achieves. Fountain pens are commonly used as a high end corporate gift for business executives or special events.

Ink Colours/Types

There are a variety of standard oil-based colours available, but the range can vary depending on the manufacturer. The standard ink colour is usually black however certain pens are available in other ink colours such as blue or red. Other ink colours may be available for custom made pens, such as green, light blue, pink, and orange.

Popular highlighter colours are yellow, orange, and pink though often blue and green are also available. Some highlighter styles feature a wax gel ink that does not dry out even if the lid is left off. This is useful for students that are studying and do not want to repeatedly remove the lid or to ensure longer life of the highlighter in the event the lid is lost.

Some manufacturers offer combined colours, inks, and pen tips. This may be a ballpoint pen with the option of black or red ink or a mechanical pencil. This is popular with teachers. Ballpoint pens with a highlighter on the other end are another combination which is popular for office use.


Concealing the tip of the pen prevents the pen from marking clothing, paper, or anything else when stored in a briefcase or pocket and also stops the tip drying out, which is mostly a concern for felt tip pens.

Pens with lids create a seal around the tip and so are ideal for felt tip pens that need to be kept moist. Felt tip pens run the risk of drying out so most have lids. Lids can be lost, which make twist or click pens a preferred choice where a seal is not necessary.

Push/Click pens are a great everyday pen. There is no lid that can be lost and the clicking function is quick and easy. Click pens can accidentally be clicked and so can run the risk of marking clothing. As a result, click pens are used in everyday situations but less in formal occasions.

Twist pens, while easily twisted, cannot be accidentally twisted and so provide the added security from accidentally marking clothing. Twist pens are used in more formal settings and by professionals that need to take care of their clothing and appearance.


Pen grips provide more comfort and are especially useful for pen users who will be writing for an extended period of time, such as office and management staff or students.

Grips can also add aesthetic value to a pen by also incorporating a colour or design, such as a dimple grip pen, which provides the same additional usability with a checker appearance. A standard rubberised grip is a popular choice as the size suits the widest range of people.

A comfort grip sometimes gives a pen a wide shape and is usually popular with people with larger hands.

Pen Body Shape

Pen shape provides aesthetic value to a pen and is usually a personal preference.

Slim body pens are better suited to small hands and so can be useful if trying to target women (who generally have smaller hands). Standard sized pens are the preferred choice for the majority of the population. A wide body shape, usually accompanied by a comfort grip, is mostly preferred by people with larger hands. Ordering a variety of sizes can insure you can have the right pen for each preference.

The pen length is a determining factor. Shorter pens are cheaper but have less ink and so do not last as long. This can be quite suitable for short campaigns or when promoting an event.

Pen bodies can also come in novelty shapes like racing cars. This can be an effective, long-lasting tactic as these novelty pens will often be kept on someone’s desk. As the pen captures the eye of others, the promotional message reaches more people.

Body Material

The pen body material can determine the perceived quality, weight, decoration method, and environmental message.

Plastic pens are a cost-effective option suitable for most everyday applications.

Metal promotional pens and pens such as carbon fibre or stainless steel pens, have a perceived higher value and can be laser engraved, providing greater longevity of the promotional message.

Eco-friendly pens, such as bamboo pens or biodegradable plastic pens use a sustainable, recycled material which can be useful in targeting people in environmentally focused movements.

Body Colour

The pen body colour offers a great opportunity for promoting the campaign by using the campaign colours. Manufacturers usually provide a lot of flexibility. The standard pen body colours are black, grey, blue, red, green, and orange. Pen colours can also be customised for larger orders to match corporate colours.

Some colour can be useful in preventing pens from being lost such as fluoro or bright coloured pens. This can be useful for mechanics, truck drivers or anyone that may be working and writing at a work bench.

The natural colour of the material used can offer a rustic, high quality, unique look. This can be either stainless steel, wood or carbon fibre.

A semi translucent plastic provides practicality as it easily displays how much ink is available in the pen.


Lanyards are useful for staff members who are running an event and want a pen to attach to their ID to hang around their neck. They can also be useful for students that need a pen attached to a backpack or folder. Lanyards pair well with a shorter pen so the pen isn’t in the way when it dangles.

Torches on pens provide light for people who need to see, read or write in low-light conditions. This can be useful for tradesmen, workers, mining staff, uni students in lectures or anyone who needs to write where the lighting is poor. Pens that incorporate a light are often highly regarded as they have greater usefulness.

Clips are excellent, very practical and provide added functionality at minimal cost. They provide a means to attach pens to pockets, folders and books to help prevent the writing instrument from being lost.

A stylus on the end of a pen provides the practical benefits of having both a pen and a stylus in one item. These are useful for anyone with a device that features touch-technology, such as a smart phone or tablet.

Pens with refillable ink capability are usually higher quality metal pens. It gives longer life to your promotional product and a higher perceived value.

Chrome fittings, packaging sheaths, and packaging boxes offer aesthetic and deluxe value to promotional pens. Packaging is often used for pens which are to be presented as gifts.

Banners can provide a quirky yet practical functionality to a pen, however are only available on a limited number of pen styles. Banner pens include a printed paper roll in the barrel of the pen that can be pulled in and out when desired. This offers a larger print area and greater print colour opportunities, which is excellent to communicate more information to the target market. The banner can be a map for new staff or students, a schedule of the performing acts at a festival, or the weekly specials at the local cafeteria.

Professional Assistance

Promotional companies can be a great help in assisting in the design and manufacturing of promotional pens. Talk with Hunter Promotional Products for assistance with your promotional pen advertising strategy.

Promotional Water Bottles & Drinkware | Selecting the Perfect Drinkware Products for You

Drinkware products are a great way to promote brands, events, businesses, and clubs. Most drinkware products offer a substantial area to showcase your brand name, logo, and other information (if your company is listed online, contact details may not be necessary). Our drinkware range includes everything from mugs to water bottles and wine glasses, so it’s important to consider which product will best suit your needs.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are one of the most popular types of promotional drinkware. They are used frequently in both domestic and corporate settings, which increases the chances of people seeing and remembering the advertised message. Our coffee mugs are also microwave and dishwasher safe to maximise the longevity of your promotional design.

High Fire Print mugs come in a variety of shapes and styles, and are a great choice for logos which ‘pop’ in a single colour. Some of the mugs themselves are also available in white or colour. White mugs provide a clean backdrop for almost any design, whereas coloured mugs are useful for brands with two or more signature colours, or with light-coloured logos.

Photofinish mugs are suitable for complex and multi-coloured designs. With true colour reproduction, sharp details and a glossy finish, these mugs provide attractive results for any image.

Travel Mugs and Thermal Bottles

Travel mugs are a practical and portable option which can be used to promote organisations associated with travel and transport. They are also useful for targeting people who drive or commute for long periods of time, such as transport workers or people in rural areas.

Thermal bottles are particularly useful for people who are likely to carry hot beverages, such as those engaged in shift work or early-morning starts (e.g. delivery drivers, nurses, sports teams).

Travel mugs and thermal bottles with plastic or acrylic exteriors can be chosen to reflect your business colours. Stainless steel exteriors, although less adaptable, have a sleek and modern appearance suitable for contemporary, corporate brands.

Bottled Water

Promotional bottled water is a refreshingly different product with wide appeal. Because it can be consumed immediately, bottled water is often favoured by members of the public over other promotional products. However, being disposable can limit the lifespan of your promotional message.

Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles provide a way to display your brand more permanently. Like bottled water, they can help to promote an image of health, fitness, and outdoor activity. However, re-usable water bottles appear far more environmentally conscious — a quality which is becoming increasingly important for consumers.

Our 800mL Influence bottles are generously sized, attention-grabbing, and can accommodate designs in up to four different colours (including fluorescents). These bottles are popular for general and sporting purposes.

Bobble and Bop Cool bottles are luxurious drinkware alternatives with a sophisticated appearance. Equipped with carbon filter and ice cylinder respectively, these attractive bottles are ideal for promoting brands which cater to a high-end clientele.

Stubby Coolers

Stubby coolers are often used in social settings which greatly increases the visibility of your promotional message. They are a fun way to raise awareness for sporting clubs, community groups, school events, and political movements. Their relatively low cost also makes them a popular choice for souvenirs — for example, to commemorate weddings, birthdays, and of course, hens and bucks nights.

Baseless coolers are useful for most standard drinks but may not be appropriate for slimmer bottles (e.g. 330mL craft beers).

Collapsible coolers and coolers with a base will accommodate most beers and ciders, and have the added benefit of protecting the bottle base and vulnerable surfaces (e.g. glass tables) from damage. Compact and light, collapsible coolers are also ideal for mail-out promotions.

Stubby coolers can be screen printed or dye sublimated. Screen printing produces a single-colour print ideal for clean, simple, and bold logos. Although more costly, dye sublimation can produce full-colour reproductions of images and photographs.


Neoprene coasters also make inexpensive, compact and lightweight promotional gifts. They appeal to a wider audience than stubby holders, however their frequency of use can vary. Whether it be square, round, or irregular, you should consider which shape will best compliment your promotional design.


By its nature, glass lends itself to valuable and stylish promotional items. Printing your promotional design on glassware produces striking results, whereas laser engraving your design will give a more subtle, refined look. Although less visible, laser engraved glassware is generally perceived as being of higher value. This method is ideal for corporate gifts and business events.

Promotional glass tumblers appeal to a variety of markets. As well as matching the usefulness of many plastic or ceramic drinkware products, glass tumblers give an impression of superior quality.

Beer steins make novel promotional gift ideas for men in particular. Being highly unique, this type of drinkware tends to be displayed more often than used.

Promotional wine glasses strike a good balance between drinkware novelty and practicality.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are trendy drinkware items which are very popular among young, quirky and creative groups. Promotional mason jars are a unique way to advertise brands with artistic and fun personalities. They also make great souvenirs for engagement parties, birthdays, and other special occasions. Mason jars can be used to serve anything from juices and smoothies to cocktails and desserts.

Professional Assistance

Do you need help designing or manufacturing a promotional drinkware item? Talk with Hunter Promotional Products for friendly and professional advice.

Promotional Products For Schools | How To Effectively Promote Your School

Most schools have no trouble branding basic items like pens, notepads, and letterheads however, to rely on stationery alone, is to overlook promotional opportunities that your school could be using to its advantage. The following products can help to promote your school and allow it to look its very best!

Pull-Up Banners

Pull-Up Banners are a fantastic way to promote your school. Measuring nearly 7 x 3 feet in size, these banners are great value and provide the perfect canvas for almost any design. The large print area is great for displaying photographs, text, graphics, and of course, your school’s name and crest. Their retractable, winding mechanism and convenient carry bag means that our pull-up banners are not only attractive but also extremely portable.

Teardrop Banners

The flag that will always fly – a teardrop banner can display your school’s name in any weather conditions. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these flags are water resistant and very durable. Choose between a spike or stand for the base: the four-leg stand suits indoor use whereas the ground spike is designed for outdoor events. Reaching up to 5 metres in height, our teardrop flags make ideal signposts for use at sports carnivals, school fetes and fundraisers.


A custom Marquee is an unmissable and useful advertisement for schools. Promotional marquees have the substantial benefit of being multi-functional – any need for shade or shelter presents another opportunity to promote your school. Our marquees are fully customisable with optional accessories including full and half walls, steel pins, weights, awnings, gutters, and ceilings. We can produce high quality, full colour prints on all roof, valance and wall panels to allow 360 degree visibility of your design.


Unlike event-based items such as marquees and banners, promotional magnets give your school a simple way to achieve everyday exposure. As they are seen regularly, a popular design choice is to include a calendar of important dates and school holidays, which adds a functional quality to the product. Their low cost and light weight means that magnets are easy to mail out to the school community.

School Uniforms

It may seem obvious, but the role that uniforms play in promoting a school’s image should never be underestimated. Many people are quick to make judgements on schools based solely on the colour and design of their uniforms. For this reason—and because school uniforms are on public display every day—it’s important that they give the best possible impression of your school. From blazers to blouses, socks, hats and bags, we love to design and produce high quality custom garments for wholesale clients.

Sports Uniforms

Sports Uniforms are a fantastic product for creating team spirit and advertising your school. A team in stylish, matching sports uniforms will not only look great but will also show off your school colours in a competitive (perhaps even inter-state) arena. Your school’s athletes will appreciate the option of using breathable sports fabric and sponsor logos in the design of their uniforms.

Professional Assistance

Do you need help designing or manufacturing promotional products for your school? Talk to Hunter Promotional Products today for friendly and professional advice.

The Importance of Promotional Desk Products | How To Boost your Brand

Boost your Brand with Promotional Desk Products

A company’s name is its future and according to Forbes Magazine, name recognition is one of the key elements to growing a successful business. However as all businesses know, this is easier said than done. The key is finding avenues that allow you to promote your brand in an everyday setting. Effective branding is more than just a logo; it is the promise of quality and reputation. Where mediocre products cannot deliver on this promise, putting your logo on Hunter PP’s range of promotional desk items guarantees a high quality finish and a boost in reputation for your company. Hunter PP’s products can help your brand be seen in a large variety of workspaces, with a wide range of desk products available to guarantee that your business name is visible to your clients at all times.

When most people think of promotional desk products they think of pens because of their low cost and functionality. However Hunter PP offers a range of products that cover everything from rulers to hand sanitizer and most things in between. Are you in the tech market? Then the Elleven Small Tech Trap or the Zoom 2-In-1 Tech Sleeve Journal Book are perfect ways to keep your tech together. The Sleeve Journal book comes complete with space for your iPhone, USB slots, pens and even a removable spiral bound journal. The Small Tech Trap includes space for all your gadgets and their respective chargers. Both of these products are perfect for the techies on the go.

There are of course items available for a more traditional market that favours style and simplicity over tech functionality. The Executive Zip Compendium is made out of genuine leather and has space for a legal pad, pens and business cards. It comes in classic black and is stylish enough for the most executive boardrooms. Another popular one for the boardroom is the Koskin Compendium. This binder features a calculator, lined legal pad and space for business cards and pens.

There is also a range that will have your name appearing on a variety of practical, everyday products. Take over office spaces with labeled rulers, notepads, staplers and even hand sanitizers. Leaving your quality branded products in these high traffic areas will bring recognition to your company and establish a great reputation, both of which are essential when bringing in new business.

As well as bringing in new clientele Hunter Promotional Product’s desk range is also an effective way to reward existing clients. Customers will be happy to receive new desk products and by putting your brand on it, you guarantee that your name will stay at the top of their mind. As they use these products the client will build an emotional connection and familiarity with your brand. It is one of the easiest ways to reach out to your clients and build a good reputation.

Professional Assistance

Do you need help designing or manufacturing promotional products for your school? Talk to Hunter Promotional Products today for friendly and professional advice.

Promoting your Business on a Budget | How to Cost Effectively Promote your Business

Boost your Brand with cost-effective Promotional Products

All businesses want to be able to get their branding out into the world for people to identify with- let’s face it, it really should be the ultimate goal of all profitable organisations to make money! Unfortunately, the world also dictates that you need to spend money to make money. Is it possible to advertise your brand name without having to take out a loan? Sure is, and Hunter Promotional Products has some of the best products to help you advertise your business on a small budget!


Stationery comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Pens, pencils, folders, calculators, rulers, staplers and so much more could be customised and branded to show off your company name, colours, contact details or slogan. Using these items personally or distributing these to your clients, friends and family is an incredibly cost-efficient and effective way of getting your brand name out to potential customers.

View our most popular Pens here

Stress Shapes

We all know that most office jobs are quite stressful. The constant load of work coming in and out of the door, the boss looking over your shoulder and so many other pressures can really get to people. Stress balls and other stress shapes are fantastic, not only for providing a moment of relaxation throughout the day, but also as a practical method of advertising! That’s right, Hunter Promotional Products can custom print your business logo or name on stress shapes that you can distribute to clients, family, friends and more!

View our most popular Stress Shapes here

Stubby Holders/Bottle Openers

What tradie gets home from a long, hard day and doesn’t think a nice refreshing beer will go down well! Why not give him (or her) a branded stubby holder for a comfortable hold, and even a branded bottle opener to save the stress of rummaging around the kitchen trying to find something to get the cap off the bottle! Bring the stubby coolers and bottle openers out at group BBQs and other social events for that extra bit of brand awareness!

Click here to view our full range of Stubby Coolers, Bottle Openers and more

Of course, Hunter Promotional Products offers a much larger range of branded products than stationery, stress balls and drink accessories, and these certainly are not the only products that come at a great price. If your company is looking for that extra boost to your advertising campaign, look towards small, branded items to show off your company name. You’ll be surprised with the results!

Professional Assistance

Do you need help designing or choosing promotional products for your business? Talk to Hunter Promotional Products today for friendly and professional advice.

Advertise Then Enjoy! | How Branded Food can help Advertise your Business

In the last few decades, marketing has become ever more important! Companies and businesses are pouring more and more money into the ‘exposure’ of their brand. Online, direct and television marketing are just a few of the many channels businesses have been able to use to get ahead in their industry.

But why stop there? Have you ever considered food to be a way to advertise your brand name and/or its message?

Food is the one great constant for everyone; we all need it. Many foods are enticing, appealing and attention grabbing. Why not use these qualities to compliment your marketing campaign? Hunter Promotional Products has given Australian businesses the chance to use this powerful marketing tool by providing branded foods to bring culinary pleasure and advertising success.

Here are just some of the options that Hunter Promotional Products is able to offer:

1. Chocolate Hearts

2. Individually Wrapped Biscuits

3. Mixed Nuts

4. Assorted Jellybeans

5. Chocolate Squares

6. Breath Mints

7. Lollipops

Check out some of our popular confectionery products here

Branded food products can be utilised for almost all marketing occasions where you will be able to bring out these tasty treats for friends, family, clients, and potential customers.

Offer a range of branded foods at large seminars where you can network with various businesses, or put them in goodie bags after hosting a meet and greet for your business.

Need help? One of our experienced, friendly staff will be more than happy to talk with you regarding your business situation and whether branded foods would be beneficial for your marketing campaign.

They will also be happy to offer some success stories and help you reach the best decision for your brand! Contact Hunter Promotional Products today!

Save the Earth while building your Brand with our Eco-Range

Every business focuses on branding, but you’re not the average business. You want to take it to the next level by focusing on responsible branding with an eco-friendly product.

Every promotional item you send out into the world must reflect your company values, and that means every item must protect the environment just as much as it brings greater awareness to your brand. Hunter PP makes it easy with our Eco-friendly Green Range.

Re-think Everyday Items

When shopping for eco-friendly promotional products that you can customise to support your brand, you aren’t limited to flower seeds. You can pick up items that are commonly used in daily life but which are manufactured from sustainable or recyclable materials. This ensures that the product you distribute has a higher chance of actually being used. The more your products are used, the more you benefit from brand exposure.

For instance, pick up a ballpoint pen made from bamboo which is a sustainable plant growing in popularity every year. Another popular eco-friendly product is our Green Range cardboard notepad with a pen made from recyclable paper.

Go Creatively Green

When inviting important clients or colleagues for a weekend of networking, why not give them a backpack made from recycled plastic bottles and fill it with information about your company and special treats? When planning your annual holiday party, why not give each of your employees a branded t-shirt made from 100% organic cotton? When attracting new leads at a trade show, put your eco-friendly brand on display by handing out customised reusable carry bags.

You can turn a simple eco-friendly product from our Green Range lineup into a creative gift that makes a positive impression on even the pickiest of clients. This is how an affordable eco-friendly product can put your company values on display in a subtle, yet noticeable, manner.

Start a Conversation

Bring a group of industry professionals together for a conference, and they will always find something to talk about. Introduce a variety of Green Range products, and the conversation will naturally turn towards the integrity and thoughtfulness of your brand. You don’t even have to announce an eco-friendly product because they often look and feel different from the products other companies overuse.

Check out our full Eco-Range here

So if you want to build your brand and save the Earth at the same time, contact Hunter Promotional Products Today!

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Do you need help designing or choosing promotional products for your business? Talk to Hunter Promotional Products today for friendly and professional advice.

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