A guide to ensuring you choose the perfect branded products to help your business run smoothly AND gain maximum exposure in the marketplace!

A company’s name and image dictate its future and the level of success it will achieve. According to Forbes Magazine, business name or branding recognition in the marketplace and general community, is one of the key elements to growing, and maintaining, a successful business. As most businesses know, however, this is often easier said than done. The key to creating and preserving a strong, positive, recognisable brand identity for your business is to find avenues that allow you to promote your brand in an everyday setting.

What are the benefits of branded business stationery and desk items as promotional products?

Valuable, impactful branding is more than just a logo: it is the suggestion, or promise, of high quality and outstanding reputation. While ordinary, traditional business stationery or products cannot deliver on this promise alone, putting some thought into the simple everyday stationery and business products you use in the office and out in public could boost your brand exponentially, as well as improve your business operations!

Good quality promotional products, stationery, and desk items branded with your logo, slogan, or brand colours, guarantee a much higher quality finish than something that is generic and off-the-shelf. More importantly, they help to build your business’s professional image, reinforce your company’s strong reputation, and get your name noticed in an often-crowded market.

What promotional products and branded desk items can be used daily in your business?

When most people think of promotional products, particularly business stationery, they immediately think of pens because of their low cost, practicality, and popularity. There are, however, thousands of promotional items well suited for use as day-to-day office stationery for your business, and as giveaways to customers (or potential customers) to use themselves that keep your brand forefront in their minds.

Some of the best promotional merchandise that can be branded and used daily, both in offices and more mobile business operations, includes:

Other promotional products and stationery items are perfectly suited as gifts or giveaways for clients, and to people you want to introduce your business to. These include:

Save time by checking out our most popular branded business accessories and stationery below, or contact us directly if you have something particular in mind.


How to choose the perfect branded desk items and stationery for your business!

When selecting the perfect promotional stationery and desk items to help you run, and promote, your business, you should consider:

  • What you need and what will make your business operations more efficient – do you need customised docket or quoting books to make those processes more streamlined? Do you need branded letterheads/envelopes to ensure all correspondence looks cohesive and professional?
  • Where and how the product will be used – does it need to be durable or transportable or will it just sit on a desk? Does it need to be compact? Will it make daily business operations easier for staff?
  • Who it is intended for – is it going to be used by tradies on worksites, drivers on the go, or office staff at their desks? Is it intended to be handed out to clients for them to keep and use?

People love receiving loyalty rewards or freebies, especially when it is something of good quality that they can keep and re-use. By branding it with your business name or logo, you guarantee that your business will stay at the front of their mind, not just for a day but in future. As they use these products people will build an emotional connection and familiarity with your brand and this is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to reach out to your target audience and establish a good reputation.

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