How to select the perfect customised drinkware to promote your brand!

Branded promotional drinkware products are a valuable and practical way to promote your brand, business, club, team, school, or event - especially as sustainability and choosing products that are eco-friendly become more popular. Branded water bottles, branded keep cups, and other customised drinkware options can be chosen to suit any budget, business, and audience, and much like promotional pens, are a guaranteed winner when it comes to choosing a promotional product that people will love, keep, and re-use!

Some of the different promotional drinkware options available include:

Additionally, we also have drinkware accessories available including:

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What should you consider when choosing custom stubby coolers, branded water bottles, and other promotional drinkware?

When selecting the perfect branded promotional drinkware as a product promotion for your business or event, you should consider:

  • What it will be used for – does it need to hold hot or cold drinks? Does it need to hold a large amount or be small and compact? Will it be outside all day or inside on a desk?
  • What it is made of – stainless steel, for instance, is excellent for any drink and any climate, and keeps drinks hotter or colder for longer.
  • Who it is intended for – are they more likely to use a coffee cup or a water bottle? Would they better suit something tough and durable, or something sleek and stylish?
  • The decoration area – do you need a drinkware product that has a large decoration area to accommodate a detailed/complicated logo or would something with smaller, more subtle branding reflect your image more appropriately?

What are the most popular branded promotional drinkware items?

Custom Stubby Coolers

Stubby coolers are often used in social settings which greatly increases the visibility of your promotional message. They are a fun, inexpensive way to raise awareness for sporting clubs, community groups, and social events, and to commemorate weddings, milestone birthdays, and of course, hen’s and buck’s nights.

Baseless coolers are useful for most standard drinks but may not be appropriate for slimmer bottles (e.g. 330mL craft beers). Collapsible coolers and coolers with a base will accommodate most beers and ciders, and have the added benefit of protecting the bottle base and vulnerable surfaces (e.g. glass tables) from damage. Compact and light, collapsible coolers are also ideal for mail-out promotions.

Stubby coolers can be screen printed or dye sublimated. Screen printing produces a single colour print ideal for clean, simple, and bold logos. Although more costly, dye sublimation can produce full-colour reproductions of images and photographs.

Branded Bottled Water

Promotional branded bottled water is a refreshingly different product with wide appeal. Because it can be consumed immediately, bottled water is often favoured by members of the public over other promotional products, however, being disposable can limit the lifespan and appeal of your promotional message.

Branded Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles provide a way to display your brand more permanently. Like bottled water, they can help to promote an image of health, fitness, and outdoor activity, however, re-usable water bottles appear far more environmentally-conscious — a quality which is becoming increasingly important for consumers.

Our 800mL Influence bottles are generously sized, attention-grabbing, and can accommodate designs in up to four different colours (including fluorescents). These bottles are popular for general and sporting purposes.

Stainless steel water bottles are extremely popular as they can keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, or cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and so are perfect for all tastes, beverages, workplaces, and climates!

Branded Travel Mugs & Reusable Coffee Cups

Travel mugs and reusable coffee cups, also known as keep cups, are a practical and portable option. They are useful for targeting anyone who is on the go, who drives or commutes for long periods of time, such as transport workers or people in rural areas, or basically anyone who leads a busy life and is in and out of the car or office during the day. Travel mugs and keep cups are particularly useful for people who are likely to carry hot beverages, such as those engaged in shift work or early-morning starts.

Custom Glassware

By its nature, glass lends itself to valuable and stylish promotional items, and laser engraved glassware is generally perceived as being of higher value.

Promotional glass tumblers appeal to a variety of markets. As well as matching the usefulness of many plastic or ceramic drinkware products, glass tumblers give an impression of superior quality.

Beer steins make novel promotional gift ideas - for men in particular. Being highly unique, this type of drinkware tends to be displayed more often than used. Promotional wine glasses strike a good balance between drinkware novelty and practicality.

So next time you are shopping around for a high-value, high-impact branded promotional product for your business or event, consider choosing a promotional drinkware product to help elevate your brand in the marketplace and gain maximum exposure!

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